TransitionJäm – Battle Of Stance 2012

Connection with K2S Crew from São Paulo – Brasil


Special train mission @ TransitionJäm


Preparing the contest area to Transition Jäm. Paint it Black… or noot.


Work by Aero and Pulga. Cans vs. brush! Buyaaa!!!


Bowl of Hell


Special Thanks To Nic, IronlaK –  Blam Blam Blam / Pop Up  from  Zürich,

Bones ClubOli Gordon, Basti and Andi. Äshthetiker Crew!!! Eöööhhh!!!! Austrian Spring is coming!

Over ´n out to celebrate Drew Stevenson´s Birthday…  it´s not the best office day u know.

Gotta fly!


More updates droping in soon from TransitionJäm! Stay strong MONE!!!

Cheers! -MTS CREW


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  1. fuckk meu brutal a pool pulga…. sacana!!!

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